❓General FAQs

Q1: What is BitciChain?

A: BitciChain is a EVM-compatible decentralized blockchain network . It provides a secure and transparent platform for various applications, leveraging blockchain technology.

Q2: What is Bitcicoin and how can I get Bitcicoin?

A: Bitcicoin is the native coin of the BitciChain. You can get Bitcicoin from a CEX such as bitci.com

Q3: How can I create a custom token on the BitciChain network?

A: To create a custom token on BitciChain, you can deploy an ERC-20 smart contract. Follow the steps outlined in our guide on Creating and Deploying an ERC-20 Token using Remix

Q4: What is the block time of BitciChain?

A: BitciChain has a block time of 15 seconds, ensuring efficient transaction processing and network performance.

Q5: How is consensus achieved on BitciChain?

A: BitciChain uses POA as its underlying consensus algorithm, ensuring secure and decentralized transaction validation.

Q6: What is the finality time on BitciChain?

A: Since BitciChain uses POA as its consensus algorithm, the finality time on BitciChain is immediate, representing the time it takes for a block to become irreversible.

Q7: Can I deploy existing Ethereum smart contracts on BitciChain?

A: Yes, smart contracts developed for Ethereum can be deployed on BitciChain, given the compatibility of the EVM.

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